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Switching Places

Ta-Do: Hands…On Science Season 1, Episode 14 – Switching Places Send us your comments and suggestions on experiments that Carr and Mel should try out on Hands… On Science! https: //midnightscienceclub.com Materials: 1/4 cup of cooking oil 2 small glasses (shot glasses) 1 cup of blue cup of water (add blue food coloring to cup of water) 1 piece of plastic, the size of a business card (ex: old credit card) Napkins to clean-up spills How to do it: Fill one of the small glasses with oil, using the pipette. Fill I to the very top, get as much oil in the glass as you possibly can with out it spilling over. Do the same with the blue water. Fill the glass with blue water, and then use the pipette to fill it to the very top with out it spilling over. Take the plastic card and cover the blue water. Quickly, turn the cup over, while holding the plastic over the opening, then place it over the glass of oil. Slowly take the plastic card away until you see the oil and water “switch places”. You may not need to take the plastic card completely off until this happens, and sometimes you may need to. The oil is now in the glass cup that had the blue water, and the blue water is now in the glass cup that had the oil! “Switching places!”

UFO Blob

Ta-Do: Hands… On Science Season 1, Episode 13 – UFO Blob Learn about density! Send us your comments and suggestions for experiments! Materials: Cooking Oil (about a cup) Water (enough to fill 3 cups of water) Food coloring (2-different colors) 3 clear plastic cups 1 or 2Test tubes w/covers, and something to keep it standing. We are using 1/2″ pvc plug (find it in your local hardware store) Small amount of clay or puddy (find it in your local hardware store) Container of 91% alcohol (can use 70%) Napkins (to wipe up spills) Safety glasses 1 pipette (aka eye-dropper) How to do it: Pour water into 2 of the plastic cups, fill it almost to the top. In the 3rd cup, fill it almost to the top with cooking oil. Add food coloring into the water, one color for each cup of water. Get a piece of the clay and roll it into a ball and place it in the 1/2″ pvc plug, this will be used to hold the test tubes in place. Set the test tube covers on the side, you will use it later. Using the pipette, put 5 drops of colored water into the test tube. It should be 1/2 full. Put your safety glasses on because you will be using the 91% alcohol, and we don’t want it splashing into our eyes. Fill the pipette with colored alcohol, and “dribble” the colored alcohol into the test tube filled with colored water. “Dribble” the colored alcohol about 3-4x, until it’s almost to the top of the test tube. Last, fill the pipette with some cooking oil and insert it into the filled test tube, stopping where the water and alcohol meets. Slowly squeeze the cooking oil between the water and alcohol. You should see the water and alcohol begin to separate. Use the test tube cap to cover your “UFO Blob”.

Midnight Science Club Meeting and ClubCast 4/20/2018

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